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Rachel Alston: How Diaper Need Impacts Families & Communities

Diapers. Have you ever stopped to really think about them? Not about their intended purpose per se, but about the role they play in people's lives? Did you know that lack of access to diapers can impact a person's ability to graduate high school, pay for medications, or even lead to the loss of employment?  

Rachel Alston, Executive Director and Founder of PDX Diaper Bank, will discuss this impact on the Portland community, as well her organization's efforts to close this severe service gap. 

Please join us May 2 to meet Rachel and to find out:

  • What is diaper need?   

  • How reliable access to clean diapers creates opportunities and positively impacts the health and wellness of families and the community    

  • The mission of PDX Diaper Bank and its efforts to meet this urgent need.

Diaper bank.jpg

To learn more about PDX Diaper Bank, please visit, or email Rachel Alston directly at  

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