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Robin Miller: Supporting Trafficking Survivors on the Road to Freedom

Robin Miller is the Pacific Northwest Advocate with Empower Her Network and a founding member of the Sex Trade Survivor Caucus. She serves on the Trafficking Task Force of Clark County (Washington), as well as the Human Trafficking Advisory Committee for Oregon State’s Department of Justice. She has also been educating her community about the push to fully decriminalize the sex trade to fight the devastating impact criminalization has on the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Supporting Trafficking Survivors on the Road to Freedom


Our April speaker will be Robin Miller, who works with Empower Her Network (EHN) and other organizations that help survivors of trafficking deal with the challenges they face. The organization works with them to transition to livable-wage careers and helps provide both emergency and long-term support, including:

  • Advocacy - Help survivors navigate systems, remove barriers, and provide emotional support

  • Housing - Overcome credit barriers, navigate voucher programs, cover security deposits, and provide household essentials

  • Education - Provide coverage between aid and tuition, and help with needed certificates, fees, books, etc.


To help survivors reach a level of stability, EHN's process is based on strong partnerships with aftercare programs nationwide, which nominate likely candidates. Please join us to meet Robin and learn more about how EHN provides crucial services for vulnerable women.


Jenny Clark: Building a Better Future with Womens' Empowerment


Did you know that just 1.9% of all donations make it to organizations dedicated to women and girls? 


WECO’s (Women Empowerment Coalition) mission is to connect vetted grassroots initiatives to much-needed resources and volunteers, to invest in women who are invested in their communities. With projects in Cambodia, Peru, India, and Costa Rica, our vision is to live in a world where women and girls have equal opportunities to succeed. To work towards these goals, we:

  • Connect vetted grassroots initiatives to catalyze local efforts and build local infrastructures. 

  • Support these initiatives to create positive change from the ground up.

  • Address gender equity beyond projects on a larger scale. 


Please join us for our April meeting to meet Jenny, find out more about WECO, and learn how to get involved. You can also check out the following links:


Volunteer intake form
Youtube channel
2023 Costa Rica site visit video
2023 Cambodia site visit video

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