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Jay Benke: Sex Trafficking Legislation–An Overview of the Oregon Landscape

Jay is an abduction and child sex trafficking survivor and a Human Trafficking Consultant, public speaker, author, producer, mentor, curriculum specialist, content creator, and fact-check editor for both the public and private sectors. She is the owner of Clever Human LLC and serves on the Oregon DOJ Human Trafficking Intervention Advisory Committee, is a member of the Oregon DOJ Research & Data Committee, and acts as an advisor for the Trafficking Law Center, and numerous other organizations. 

Supporting Trafficking Survivors on the Road to Freedom


The Sex Trade Survivor Caucus (STSC) is a survivor-created, survivor-led initiative that provides a safe space for survivors to engage in collective action to shape legislation nationally. Members participate in panels, provide training, and participate in advisory spaces to raise awareness. 

At our meeting, Jay will: 

  • Explain the legislative options available to address sex trafficking

  • Address what Oregon is getting right, as well as what we’re getting dangerously wrong

  • Discuss how outside influences are attempting to legalize prostitution in Oregon and how STSC is demanding services for victims and survivors. 


Please join Jay in learning more about how we can help survivors help to influence public policy to help victims and survivors of sex trafficking. For more information and information, sign up for the STSC quarterly newsletter


Jenny Clark: Building a Better Future with Womens' Empowerment


Did you know that just 1.9% of all donations make it to organizations dedicated to women and girls? 


WECO’s (Women Empowerment Coalition) mission is to connect vetted grassroots initiatives to much-needed resources and volunteers, to invest in women who are invested in their communities. With projects in Cambodia, Peru, India, and Costa Rica, our vision is to live in a world where women and girls have equal opportunities to succeed. To work towards these goals, we:

  • Connect vetted grassroots initiatives to catalyze local efforts and build local infrastructures. 

  • Support these initiatives to create positive change from the ground up.

  • Address gender equity beyond projects on a larger scale. 


Please join us for our April meeting to meet Jenny, find out more about WECO, and learn how to get involved. You can also check out the following links:


Volunteer intake form
Youtube channel
2023 Costa Rica site visit video
2023 Cambodia site visit video

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Libra Forde has a just heart and finds joy in fighting for our now in ways that will make improvements beyond our existence.

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