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Our Annual LIVE YOUR DREAM Awards

Don't miss THE most exciting luncheon meeting of the year, where we find out which of our Live Your Dream applicants will receive our club's annual cash awards - and how much each of the awards will be. 


This year, we'll be donating a total of $10,000! The top winner will also become eligible for a Region award (and that winner for a Federation award). 


Recipients may use these awards to offset costs asociated with attaining a higher education, such as books, tuition, transportation, and child care. As you know, these women are the primary support  of their families, and most have overcome enormous obstacles including poverty, domestic violence, and substance abuse. 



In addition to meeting this year's winners, we're thrilled to welcome our 2018 recipients - Kelli Elliott and Ayni Amir and their guests - to share with us how their lives are going and how they have benefitted from their awards. 

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