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Raquel Muller, Ph.D.: Busting the Myth of the “Superwoman”

Are you seeking balance between work, family, and your own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs? As women, we often feel pressure to take on too much and put others’ needs before our own - leading to overwhelm, burnout, depression, and anxiety.


Dr. Raquel Muller specializes in helping women create lives of purpose, balance, joy, and personal fulfilment, all while being present for their families and others in their lives. In her talk, Raquel will share: 


  • ONE simple technique to stop the struggle to be  "superwoman” from sabotaging your joy.

  • THE most effective way to release perfectionism and be more patient and present with yourself and the important people in your life.

  • The 5 keys to banish burnout FOREVER, to be your best self, and to experience a life of balance, joy, purpose, and fulfilment.


Don't miss this chance learn how to create your best life ever - and support other women to do the same!



Dr. Raquel Muller is a Mom Empowerment Coach and a motivational speaker. She is the creator of the W.O.M.A.N. System, which is the basis for her coaching program, the Mom Empowerment Roadmap.  Drawing on 17 years of experience in mental health,  Raquel harnesses the power of cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness strategies to empower women to transform negative self-talk, let go of unrealistic expectations, banish burnout and overwhelm, and reconnect with their own sense of purpose and joy, all without the need for therapy. 


To find out more about the Mom Empowerment Roadmap go to  To contact Raquel, go to


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