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Denise Currie: Helping to Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty

The Giving Closet is a free community store that serves individuals and families from a variety of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Its goal is to provide every person struggling to survive with the resources to meet their basic needs, including clothing, toiletries, emergency food, critical household items, as well as books and toys. 


The Giving Closet strives to provide an atmosphere filled with dignity, acceptance, and grace. When shoppers come to choose the items they need, they also find a friendly face to ease the burden of poverty during these difficult times. Find out about the organization’s $25 for CHANGE movement that provides an opportunity for purposeful giving, to allow the Giving Closet to continue its mission within our community and create lasting change.

Please join us and Founder and Executive Director Denise Currie to learn more about how this organization helps offset the financial drain on families and individual in this volatile financial climate. 


Denise Currie has always longed to serve the community and aspired to make a difference. She is a strong believer that by changing one life at a time, a generation can be changed forever. 

This commitment gave birth to The Giving Closet in 2000 and her passion and leadership has sustained it ever since. It has served thousands of families in the greater Portland/ Vancouver area. Denise fervently believes that the organization’s mission, "No one should be hungry, unclothed, or unloved within our reach," will become effortlessly believed and practiced in our communities.

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