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Sherri Pine: KEEP - A Program for Supporting Foster Parents

Today’s foster children have complex and serious behavioral and mental health problems that put them at risk for negative long-term outcomes.


The enormous potential of these young people and the tough challenges faced by foster and kinship parents inspired the development of the KEEP program, which is based on the following tenets:

  • An evidence- based curriculum

  • A trauma-informed approach

  • Customized support and skills 


Please join us and Sherri to learn more about this innovative, critically important program.


Sherri and her husband Brian have four biological children and decided, as a family, to help and nurture children in need and started fostering a set of three siblings. They thought they could love them like their own, but found out that wasn’t enough. Sherri now works for KEEP to support foster families by teaching parenting skills and how to reduce stress. 


The program is part of the Oregon Social Learning Center, which develops and offers a number of programs for supporting those in need.

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