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Cyndi Romine & Wynne Wakkila: Fighting Modern-Day Slavery

500,000 children are currently missing in the United States. Sex trafficking has increased 20% since the beginning of the pandemic. How can it be that the media is not widely reporting these disturbing facts? And what is being done to help?


Please join us to hear Dr. Cyndi Romine and Wynne Wakkila, and learn about the organizations they created to address this problem at all levels. You'll hear about:

  • The actual stories of survivors

  • The solutions considered by the Oregon Legislature

  • How these organizations help the police in finding missing children


But in addition to learning what Cyndi and Wynne are doing you'll find out what you can do--to keep children safe, to raise awareness about this issue, and to support those who work to save children every day.


Dr. Cyndi Romine is recognized internationally as a leading authority on missing, abused, and trafficked children. The founder and Executive Director of the organization Rescue, she has worked for this cause for more than 30 years, rescuing children both in the US and internationally.


Wynne Wakkila is the founder and Executive Director of FAST (Fight Against Sex Trafficking), which works to raise awareness about this atrocity and to promote and network organizations fighting this atrocity. She also works with legislators on proposed legislation.

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