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Andrea Lampert, J.D.: Human Trafficking: Myths and Realities

There are many myths surrounding human trafficking, such as that victims fit a certain profile. Or that traffickers target victims they don't know. Many people also think that people being trafficked are physically unable to leave and are held against their will and/or locked up - that otherwise they could "just leave if they really wanted to." 

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • What human trafficking looks like

  • How and where it happens

  • Who are the most vulnerable victims and why

  • Ways to get involved to combat this horrendous crime

  • How to get additional resources

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about human trafficking in our own backyard and how you can get involved to fight it.

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Andrea is the co-founder and lead attorney at the Human Trafficking Law Center (TLC), a non-profit law firm providing pro bono legal services to human trafficking victims and survivors in Oregon, to help them obtain housing, gain employment, establish family stability, and realize their hopes and dreams.


To find out more visit, or email Andrea directly at

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