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Lisa Palermo: Strong Women Build Strong Communities Build Strong

Jessica's story says it all. She came to Oregon Tradeswomen's pre-apprenticeship program right out of high school, became a carpenter's apprentice, and then journeyed out at the age of 26, when she was also able to purchase her first home.


Well-paying construction jobs have traditionally been held by men. The national average of women in construction is a mere 3%. But because of three decades of work by Oregon Tradeswomen, the average in Oregon is 8%.


Oregon Tradeswomen helps women find, prepare for, and succeed in building economic security with careers as carpenters, roofers, electricians, welders, plumbers and so much more. 


In this presentation, Lisa will discuss:  

  • Who can have a career in construction

  • Just how lucrative these careers are!

  • Why it's important that we continue to diversify this industry


Join Lisa as she shares the little-known ways in which women can, in a very short time, transform their lives from poverty to prosperity.

Lisa .tiff

Lisa is the mother of girls, a knitter, and a lifelong feminist. She is an East-coast transplant who knew, when she arrived in Portland 28 years ago, that she had found her home.


She has dedicated many years, both as a professional and as a volunteer, to organizations that serve to improve people’ lives. In her current role as Development Director for Oregon Tradeswomen, she loves to connect people who care with those in need. She also serves as Co-Chair of the board of Portland Homeless Family Solutions. 


You can contact Lisa at, or at 503-708-0298. 


“I know that when women are strong and thriving, our communities thrive”

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