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Marie Picar: Learning to Live with Autism

How would you feel if you saw a young child suddenly spinning around himself and not stopping? Or thrashing his body back and forth and from side to side? You’d want to help, but might not know how. By learning more about the ways autism presents itself, you can learn to recognize the signs - and support a child and its caregivers when they need it most.


In this presentation, Maria will help you recognize and respond to such situations and learn about:


  • The many faces of how autism presents itself

  • How autistic children experience the world and what they need when “acting out”

  • How to recognize the signs and be able to act compassionately 


You’ll come away with a better understanding of autism, and being able to act appropriately if you encounter an autistic child having a difficult time.


Maria is a filmmaker who has a very personal connection to autism: her grandson. She just produced a short documentary on autism called Silent Voices.


To learn more, you can also check out these links: 

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