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Lyn Trainer: Revolutionizing the Experience of Aging

Today’s 65-year-old is likely to live another 20 years. And this generation's elders are not satisfied to spend their golden years on the sidelines. Instead, they are looking for people with whom they can share companionship and address the challenges of aging. 


The national Village Movement is revolutionizing the experience of aging, empowering older adults to sustain independence and remain in charge of their lives. Villages NW brings the movement to Portland with 11 virtual villages, where seniors can enjoy:


  • An expanded network of friends close to home

  • A wide variety of social, cultural, and educational opportunities

  • The potential to use existing skills and talents and to explore new ones

  • Access to volunteers to assist with various tasks and chores

Please join us in welcoming Lyn and learn about the Village in your neighborhood—and how it can make a difference in your life and the lives of those you love.



Lyn is the Managing Director of Villages NW and co-chair of River West Village in SW Portland.


To find out more about Villages, go to You can also contact Lyn at

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