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Carissa Ponting: Creating Sanctuary One Sleeping Space at a Time

For years, Carissa worked to escort law enforcement bureaus into the field, to interview young women in the sex trade. In the process, she became aware of all the needs the state was not filling - and created a non-profit organization called Natalie Sleeps - to fill those gaps.


Named after Natalie, one of the women Carissa's organization was able to help, this organization seeks to:

  • Create safe, cozy sleeping places for survivors of sex abuse and/or trafficking

  • Ensure that survivors' personal items, taken for forensic processing, are returned to them

  • Create awareness and provide advocacy for those who have been exploited or abused


Please join Carissa to learn more about her professional journey and the essential services Natalie Sleeps provides. And learn about  the stories and people behind this organization.



Carissa worked as a social worker for the past 20 years, in two different countries. Her love of social work began after taking a job to work with pregnant and parenting teenagers in state custody, who were living at the now-closed White Shield Center.

She currently does investigative work for the Department of Human Services. She also founded the non-profit Natalie Speaks.

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