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Lisa McMahon.: Meet the Youth Working to Improve Foster Care

The Oregon Foster Youth Connection (OFYC) is a youth-led program that empowers current and former foster youth to improve their own lives—and those of thousands of other kids in Oregon’s foster care system.


Their mission is to improve this system through advocacy, activism, and leadership. They are currently taking one of their concerns, in the form of a bill, to the Oregon Legislature for the 2021 session.


Come meet some of these remarkable youth, along with Lisa McMahon, OFYC’s Program Director, who will be there in a supporting role. You’ll learn more about:


  • The current state of foster care, especially for youth transitioning out

  • How OFYC youth seek to impact future generations of foster kids through legislation

  • How you can support their work


Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how these youth work together, learn skills, and use them to make their voices heard.

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Lisa is OFYC’s Program Director. During her time at OFYC, she assisted youth in making substantial changes to Oregon’s foster care system. These youth are using their knowledge of the system to bring forth legislation, inform rules and policy, and educate those who work with youth in care.


From the beginning of Lisa’s career as a high school Special Education teacher, to nearly a decade of studying self-determination at Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute on Human Services, Lisa has been dedicated to empowering young people. Lisa loves helping youth find their “spark,” while providing the support necessary to succeed in their goals.

You can reach LIsa at

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