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Learn a Great Technique for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

When people think about Eastern psychology, what typically comes to mind is meditation and mindfulness. However, a number of other approaches have a more immediate impact. In this presentation, Brook will present one of these life-changing techniques - and you'll have a chance to try it out yourself.


Studies have shown that this technique has significantly reduced stress for financially distressed and disadvantaged women, but they work for everyone.


Join us for this luncheon to:

  • Learn about the concepts and principles behind this technique 

  • See how it is helping disadvantaged women, such as those we serve

  • Find out how incorporate it into your daily life and take with you handouts you can share

Please help us welcome Brook to our March luncheon and participate in an exercise that shows how it can work for you - and those you love.

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Brook Jenkins is a psychotherapist who integrates Eastern and Western approaches. In her private practice she works
with individual adults as well as couples, using an integrated model that includes psychodynamic, family-systems, cognitive, Eastern, and physical-focusing. 


Brook has also taught at several universities, including PSU, where her classes included Psychology of Women and History of Psychology.

You can reach Brook at

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