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Grace Kuto: Why Planting Trees in Africa Is Life-Sustainingd Strong

When it comes to climate change, the relationship between planting trees and cooking in Africa is a game changer. 


Join us at this special meeting to learn how the non-profit Harambee Centre addresses the challenging life circumstances of women and girls in rural Africa. Grace herself was born and raised in Kenya as an orphan. In this presentation, she will address how the simple, life-sustaining action of planting trees and cooking are changing lives – and impacting climate change.


You’ll learn about:

  • The benefits of planting trees around the world

  • How to connect with the cultures and people of Africa 

  • How to turn that connection into awareness, and awareness into action  


Please join us to find out how you can contribute to creating a better world for women, children, and their families in rural Africa – and how that can contribute to mitigating climate change.


Grace and her husband now live in Portland. Grace is the co-founder and president of Harambee Centre. She is also a Rotarian and cookbook author.  The centre’s mission is to connect the Pacific Northwest to the cultures and people of Africa, while supporting life-changing work in healthcare, education, and small businesses, to create better lives for women, children, and their families in rural East Africa. 


Find out more about the centre’s work, as well as Grace’s cookbook and the crafts made by women in her village at the  Harambee Centre website.

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