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Cassie Trahan: Helping Victims of Child Sex Trafficking

The Portland metropolitan area has been identified as having of one of the nation’s highest levels of child sex trafficking. As  a community, we have been slow to recognize and understand this problem.


Cassie Trahan is on the front lines of fighting this scourge. As the founder of an organization that serves its victims, she has special insight into what can be done to address trafficking – and how to help those affected to heal. In her presentation, Cassie will address the following points:


  • What is child sex trafficking?

  • What does trafficking look like in our community?

  • How can the community make a difference


Today we're making strides in fighting trafficking – and in supporting affected youth. Find out what you can do to make a difference and to get involved. 

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Cassie Trahan LCSW, RN is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of A Village for One. Its mission is to support and serve youth who have been sex trafficked in our community.


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