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Vivian V Evans: Gratitude and Inclusion

Our speaker this month is an award-winning product designer. She has worked for the world’s biggest brands and their multinational teams--chances are she helped define the look and feel of products you use every day.


Vivian has traveled the world, has seen the spectrum of humanity, and has learned how her designs affect the people involved in bringing those designs to life; from the raw material suppliers to the people in the factories. 


In her presentation, Vivan will share her own fascinating story and share how:


  • Her design choices affect the entire supply chain

  • Her approach prioritizes the practice of inclusion

  • Her designs come from a place of gratitude


Please join us in welcoming Vivian to admire her designs and learn about the human beings behind them. 


VVE headshot.jpg

As an award-winning designer, developer, and trends translator, her motivation is simple: To help people thrive and help brands make the right design, marketing, and manufacturing choices for their products. When Vivian is not designing, she guest lectures at universities and teaches and coaches designers who are new to product design. Born in the Phillipines, she emigrated to the United States in 1972 because of Martial Law. “My life has been extraordinary; if I had stayed in the Philippines, it would not have been the same”

Check out her company here:

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