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Shannon Olive: WOMENFIRST Transition and Referral Center 

WOMENFIRST is a grassroots organization that helps women rebuild their self worth - and their lives - through peer mentoring, life skills training, empowerment groups, and connections to community support. The organization supports women after incarceration, in recovery, and those recovering from trauma.

Shannon is the founder and director of WOMENFIRST. In her presentation, she will describe the organization's work, which is focused on the following goals:

  • Helping women to recognize their worth and their strengths to rebuild their lives

  • Establishing and maintaining  relationships with partner organizations for further support

  • Assisting women with programs and services

Please join us in welcoming Shannon to learn more about these programs, including empowerment groups, a peer mentorship and reintegration program, temporary housing, assistance in finding work, and more.

Shannon MY People PIC.jpg

Shannon Olive who is a Black, lived experience passionate with a purpose, driven, people-person woman who loves to serve and help others. This has been her passion for over 18 years working to develop relationships, make connections, o gain trust, and develop a pathway for great outcomes. As her leadership continues to be visible and work to make a difference; Shannon long-term goal is to run for County Commissioner.

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