Christine Nair: Unlock Your Mind's Potential to Manage Stress

Do you want to keep your perspective and manage your worry–in any stressful situation?


In this presentation, Christine will discuss the impact of stress on your professional and personal life and show you how to use your mind’s natural ability to reduce stress in any area of your life, using proven strategies. You’ll leave with a mental toolbelt, filled with the top-ten Stress and Worry Principles from Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.


In this session we will:

  • Remind ourselves of the high cost of stress 

  • Discover a technique to remember a list of important things (which we’ll apply to stress and worry principles)

  • Create a plan to manage the stress and worry we experience in a specific area of our lives 


Join us to learn and remember the top ten strategies for reducing stress–and to develop your personal action plan.


Christine Nair is a Trainer and Consultant with Dale Carnegie of Oregon and Southwest Washington, with 10 years of experience in facilitation and training. Much of that experience has come from her full-time job as a Nordstrom Learning and Leadership Specialist. She is passionate about creating connection with people and teaching them skills and strategies that will improve their lives. She uses the strategies from this session in her own life to manage stress, worry, and anxiety.