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Zawadi Matete: Single Moms Can Win!

Zawadi is the president and founder of Women Together We Can, an organization dedicated to helping young immigrant or refugee women whose path to success has been interrupted by loss, poverty, violence, abuse, drugs, and hunger. Single moms, in particular, often need help with completing high school, vocational training, counseling, and long-term support. The organization also encourages the women to learn how to garden and farm - to give them the confidence knowing they can do things for themselves without relying on men.  


In her presentation, Zawadi will share her personal experiences and focus on ways single moms can win, such as by continuing and completing their education and getting support for the challenges of parenting.


Learn how you support this organization; for example: 

  • By mentoring immigrant / refugee girls and women

  • By donating to help with costs and childcare at WTWC seminars

  • By teaching sexual education for young women 13 and above (appropriate training is provided). 


Zawadi was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Tanzania. Prior to moving to the United States at age 18, she studied agronomy and worked to support other refugee youth. She is the mother of a four-year-old son. 

Trained in Peer Support and Addiction Counseling, she uses her knowledge to support other African young women who are immigrants or refugees. Her passion for helping such girls and women led her to found Women Together We Can. Zawadi is currently pursuing her degree in Addiction Counseling and Mental Recovery. She is doing her internship at Multnomah County Clinic while working at Lutheran Community Services as a case manager, providing parenting support.

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