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Judy Steele: What Everyone Needs to Know about Mental Illness

Have you ever been so anxious you couldn't sleep? Or so discouraged you didn't want to get up? Have you ever had a song play or a conversation rerun over and over in your mind? During flu season, did you take great care to wipe grocery cart handles with  sanitizing wipes?  


Almost everyone does these things. However, it's the severity and duration of such behaviors that could qualify them as a mental illness. Today we'll look at: 


  • Some myths vs. facts about mental illness and the language used to describe it

  • How Oregon assesses and treats those affected

  • How the Clackamas National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI was created and how it reaches thousands of Oregonians 

As a result of this presentation, you'll develop a better understanding of mental illness. It's a critical step towards stopping the stigmatizing this disease.

Field of Flowers

Judy Steele lost her daughter to suicide 15 years ago, which led to her work in supporting people suffering from the stigmatization of mental illness, as well as their friends and families. She currently serves as the Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy for the Clackamas National Alliance on Mental Illness. She holds a BA in Political Science and an MS in Speech Pathology. 


Find help. Find hope. Find support. Find out more at

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