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Christine Nair: Build Relationships with the Dale Carnegie's Method

Did you know that having strong personal relationships greatly impacts your personal and professional goals?


In this presentation, Christine will show you how to use your mind’s ability to think in terms of pictures to remember Dale Carnegie’s 9 principles for building stronger relationships. You'll leave with the essential skills you need to start winning friends and influencing people.


In this session we will:

  • Remind ourselves of the major benefits of strong relationships

  • Discover a technique for remembering a list of important things

  • Create a commitment to put our new skills into action and immediately improve our relationships 


Don't miss this opportunity to build your toolbox for building strong relationships for personal and professional success.


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Christine Nair is a Trainer and Consultant with Dale Carnegie of Oregon and Southwest Washington, with 10 years of experience in facilitation and training.

Much of that experience has come from her full-time job as a Nordstrom Learning and Leadership Specialist. She is passionate about creating connection with people and teaching them skills and strategies that will improve their lives.

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