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Najijali Project: Empowering Teenage Girls Affected by Pregnancy

Wherever you are, peace starts at home - and empowering young women to control their future is key to creating successful lives for themselves, their children, and their communities.

On April 7, Grace Kuto and Tammy Kaufman will share with you the Najijali Project. This developing program provides vocational training and wrap-around services to teenage mothers in Chwele, Kenya, to lift themselves and their children out of poverty.

In this presentation, they will:

  • Teach us the meaning of "Najijali"

  • Share what it’s like to be a girl child in Chwele

  • Provide a way to create a lasting bond between our two cultures

Join us and learn how, together, Rotary and Soroptimist members can help Kenyan girls to become independent mothers, setting an example for their children and their communities.

IMG_9410 cropped.jpg

Grace Kuto and Tammy Kaufman were brought together by Rotary and share a passion for service.

Grace was born and raised in Kenya and is now the volunteer President of the Harambee Centre in Portland, Oregon. The centre fosters educational, healthcare, community engagement, and service projects that improve lives in rural Eastern Africa and bring them together with the people of the Pacific Northwest.

Tammy Kaufman is a communications specialist who works with Nonprofit Community Action agencies to Help People Help Themselves. 

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