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Mary Lou Sanelli: Meet the Author of About Friends

We’re thrilled to welcome Mary Lou Sanelli for our April meeting. A writer, speaker, and dance teacher, she will be discussing her book Among Friends.


Here’s an except from the introduction: “Not too long ago, a dear friend, a visual artist, asked me a question that caused me to take a deep breath and pause: “What does friendship look like to you?” I remember trying to stumble through an answer and not being able to formulate my thoughts. In a way, this entire book is an effort to answer that question more clearly. Today, my answer comes easily: I see laughter. Lots of it. And acceptance, of my friend and of myself, and a desire to learn from each other.”


In reviewing one of her presentations, The Seattle Times had this to say: “What Sanelli does in front of a group is easier to recognize than it is to define.”


 Join us April 4 to see for yourself.


Mary Lou works as a writer, speaker, and dance teacher. Her professional dance training and performance experience enables her to present with skills that surpass the average author presentation.


Her forthcoming novel The Star Struck Dance Studio (of Yucca Springs) will be published in September, 2019 (Chatwin Books).

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